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Is SubLab from Future Audio Workshop the ideal kick synth?

Future Audio Workshop has developed what it's calling “a new class of synthesizer designed for hip-hop, future bass, and trap genres” going by the name of SubLab.

The architecture of the synth works by layering three main sound sources and crafting the signal through a filter, distortion and sidechain compressor. On the master output, there are also options for a maximizer and stereo widening.

The three sound engines consist of a synth, sampler and the brand new x-sub, which is essentially a psychoacoustic sub-bass oscillator. The trademarked sound engine is designed to give a consistent and accurate sub on any speaker system.

The synth comes bundled with six signature Bass Packs and 250 kick samples ranging from the obligatory TR-808 and Dave Smith Tempest drum machines, to some Eurorack modules including the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas and Intellijel Dixie, among others.

SubLab is available on Mac and PC in VST, AU and AAX formats at the introductory price of $40 (normally $70). Full details can be found on the Future Audio Workshop website.