IK Multimedia’s Syntronik app puts the sounds of 37 synths in your iPad

IK Multimedia has brought its Syntronik synth ROMpler to the iPad. This sample-based app features 17 synths that, collectively, emulate 37 iconic and rare instruments, including models from Moog, ARP, Roland, Yamaha and Oberheim.

In addition to a set of carefully-captured multisamples, Syntronik also features IK’s Drift technology, which promises to emulate the behaviour of real analogue oscillators and increase the levels of realism. There’s also a modelled filter section; there are seven types, including some classics, and each of them can be used within any of the synths, enabling you to create some unique sonic combinations.

Further sound design potential comes via the 36 effects, five of which can be inserted in a lunchbox-style interface. There are consistent controls across the synths to aid ease of use, and you can create 4-part layered Multis for layers and splits. 200 of these come ready-stacked, and there are also 1,200 presets and 129 arpeggios for you to chew on.

A free version of Syntronik can be downloaded now from the Apple App Store. This comes with 25 sounds from across the 17 synths; Syntronik Full, which offers “a more comprehensive experience”, can be had as an in-app purchase for the introductory price of £38.99/$39.99, while individual synths can be purchased for £9.99/$9.99 each.

Ben Rogerson

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