"I was blown away": PRS debuts new, more affordable David Grissom amp with the DGT 15

PRS DGT 15 amp
(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

PRS Guitars and David Grissom have announced a new signature tube amp and 1 x 12 cab with the PRS DGT 15 (David Grissom Tremolo). At $1,199 ($1,648 with cab) it's a more affordable vintage-voiced follow-up to Grissom's DG Custom 30 amp, but looks to be built to the same exacting standards of both parties. With some very useful features for players. 

“Working with David is very rewarding. His technical knowledge and vast musical experience push us to make guitars, and now amps, that players simply love to play,” said Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars COO. “Having brought his signature guitar to the SE Series last year proved yet again that we can deliver professional-level gear at a more affordable price. To recreate that access with this amplifier has been a pleasure. Hats off to Doug Sewell (PRS Amp Designer) and David on this incredible piece of gear.”

Sewell and Grissom became firm friends when they worked on the DG Custom 30, and now this amp helps to showcase how PRS has managed to deliver pro-level models at more affordable prices in recent years. But this amp is still a significant investment – and it works hard to warrant it.

I‘ve really got to give it to Doug Sewell and PRS for how thoughtfully the DGT 15 was designed

David Grissom

"It just made sense for me to do something lower power, that could be used in more situations at a much friendlier price-point," notes Grissom. 

“When it comes to the tone and features, we did most of the heavy lifting more than a decade ago with the DG Custom 30. I‘ve really got to give it to Doug Sewell and PRS for how thoughtfully the DGT 15 was designed. Doug was very meticulous and creative with updating some of the features while remaining true to the DNA of the Custom 30. From the first time I played through it, I was blown away."

The amp is designed to go toe to toe with the finest vintage amps in Grissom's collection. The 3-band TMB tone stack, 3-position bright switch, boost, reverb, top cut, and presence front-panel controls all make it highly sculptable for players. 

There's even the option for the bright switch to be engaged only when the boost is – surely a favourite go-to setting in the making for solos. The DGT 15's master volume continues this attention to flexibility; it can be set to be on, off, or on only with the Boost. 

PRS DGT 15 amp

(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

The new guitar amp also has the tremolo that the original DG Custom 30 never included. 'The tremolo circuit oscillates the power tube bias (old-school) and features speed and depth front panel controls to dial in to the exact preference," adds PRS.

The PRS DGT 15 ships with a three-button footswitch, to control boost, reverb, and tremolo. There is also the option of a matching blonde/salt and pepper 1x12 cabinet with ported back loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. 

Check the new amp out at Andertons, Sweetwater  and Thomann


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