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How much do you know about compression? Try this online ear training game and find out

SoundGym Compressionist
(Image credit: SoundGym)

Compression forms a crucial part of modern music production, so it pays to know how it works. In a bid to improve your knowledge, SoundGym has introduced Compressionist, a new ear training game that you can play online.

This is designed to help you hear compression nuances and get a deeper understanding of how the various parameters on a compressor - such as ratio, attack and release - work together to give you the result you’re looking for.

If you play Compressionist you’ll be presented with a compressed audio source. You then have to try and recreate this compressed sound using the correct parameters.

Compressionist is part of the paid-for Pro tier of the SoundGym platform, but until 2 February, those with just a free account can play it, too.

Get involved on the SoundGym website.

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