Heather Brown returns with the Sensation Fuzzdrive – a pedal to “push your signal hard without the chaos”

Heather Brown Sensation Fuzzdrive
(Image credit: Heather Brown Electronicals / Reverb)

Heather Brown, the cult guitar effects pedal designer behind The Blessed Mother overdrive pedal, has unveiled the Sensation Fuzzdrive, a pedal that blurs the lines between drive and fuzz and offers some handy features to dial in a tone.

The Sensation Fuzzdrive is available exclusively through Reverb as part of the internet retail giant's Makers May focus on up-and-coming and independent brands, and it is sure to sell quick. 

It looks just the ticket for players who can’t decide between an overdrive or fuzz pedal, splitting the difference to combine “the punchiness and warmth of fuzz without sacrificing body or getting too ‘fizzy.’”

“It’s a tool to push your signal hard without the chaos,” says Brown. “It goes from fuzzy low-end to crisp overdriven mids, sure to make a screaming solo really jump out in a mix.”

With the fuzz-cum-overdrive hybrid aspect of the pedal supplying copious amounts of dirt, the Sensation Fuzzdrive lays on a plethora of controls to shape your electric guitar tone. 

There are dials for Volume and Saturator, the latter cycling through three distinct gain stages, plus a trio of toggle switches offering high and low-gain modes, three preset midrange settings, three preset bass settings.

The Heather Brown Electronicals Sensation Fuzzdrive is hand-wired, takes a 9V DC power supply, and is exclusively available via Reverb priced $249. You can check out some of the other one-off and limited run items on offer at Makers May.

Jonathan Horsley

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