Harley Benton launches the Spaceship Power series – affordable pedalboards with integrated rechargeable power supplies

Harley Benton Spaceship Power 80-B
(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Harley Benton has rolled out the Spaceship Power series, a range of pedalboards that gives guitar effects pedal addicts pretty much everything they need. The ‘boards comes in six different sizes, each with padded carry cases and mounting accessories included.

The lineup also includes the Spaceship PowerBar, a pedalboard power supply designed for the Harley Benton Spaceship line. It is easily mounted to your existing Spaceship ‘board to offer the same features and functionality as the Spaceship Power models. And these ‘boards have a lot of practical features to them.

The range comprises the generously proportioned Spaceship Power 80-B, 60XL-B, and 60-B, the compact 50C-B and 50M-B, and the 40-B somewhere in the middle. 

The ‘boards are constructed from lightweight powder-coated aluminium frames and have an integrated power supply that can be run from the power adaptor or from its rechargeable lithium-ion battery – making it a handy choice for buskers with a ‘board. 

There is LED monitoring on each of the pedalboards’ outputs, and with switchable (100V-240V) AC power you can run these travel-friendly ‘boards anywhere in the world.

Fully loaded, you will get just over an hour’s playing time with the 80-B, 60XL-B,  and 60-B, and these all come with 11 individually isolated (four at 9V/250mA, three at 9V/500mA, and four at 9/12/18V/500mA) and 4 non-isolated outputs, with enough juice on-tap to power current-hungry digital effects. 

Harley Benton Spaceship Power 50C-B

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

The smaller 50C-B, 50M-B, and 40-B models should give you 50 minutes from a full charge, and have seven isolated inputs (two at 9V/250mA, three at 9V/500mA, and two at 9/12/18V - 500mA) and four non-isolated. Again, these will cover your power-hungry digital effects like your multi-function programmable reverb and delay pedals.

Inside the case, you’ll have all the cables and connections to get started, with hexagon wrenches, hook-and-loop straps, battery clips, power adapter and plug. On the rear of the power supplies you will find USB-A and USB-C connections for charging tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. Maybe it'll even charge your electric toothbrush to help you freshen up before the show.

At the top end of the scale, the Spaceship Power 80-B measures (HxWxD) 89.5mm x 800mm x 390mm and weighs 3.23kg, and the 60XL-B measures 89.5mm x 600mm x 390mm, weighing in at 2.59kg. The most compact, the 50C-B, measures 45mm x 500mm x 135mm and weighs just over a kilo. 

All are available from Thomann now, and are priced as follows: Power 80-B £206; 60XL-B £171; 40-B £137; 50M-B £128; 50C-B £120. The Spaceship PowerBars are priced from £102 to £128. 

For more details and pics, head over to Harley Benton. In other Harley Benton news, the brand recently unveiled a new demo video for its classy 25th Anniversary Series of electric guitars and bass guitars

Resplendent in the Firemist finish, they were put through their paces by Funky Times. Check it out below.

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