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Harley Benton releases its budget T-Bird-alike in Satin Black

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Harley Benton has given its TB-70 four-string electric bass a sleek new metal-friendly update, with a Satin Black finish and a black hardware.

Much loved for its T-Bird vibes, the TB-70 SBK Deluxe takes the familiar set up and finishes it black on black.  

With an offset mahogany body, mahogany D-profile neck, reverse headstock, plus two Roswell GB4 active mini humbuckers controlled by independent tone controls and a push/pull volume controls, it's a classy looking setup. Especially with that faux-tortoiseshell guard complementing the black.

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

But this being Harley Benton, the price is pretty darn accessible, with the TB-70 SBK retailing for £177 via Thomann.

For a beginner bassist looking to park their thunder under the banner of hard rock and heavy metal, you can't argue with that sort of value. All you need is some checkerboard Spandex. That, you'll have to find on your own.