Harley Benton demos its new bargain guitar multi-effects unit, the DNAfx GiT Pro

While many of us are wondering how worried the rest of the entry-level guitar multi-effects and amp modeller market should be by Harley Benton's DNAfx GiT Pro, the company has been busy demoing the new unit. And so far it sounds impressive. 

The overview above may pique players's interests to find out more, so Harley Benton has followed it up with more detailed demos of amp models and a tutorial on how to make a preset. 

The DNAfx also offers the opportunity to change your guitar amp channels, alongside a host of other connectivity options. 

The tutorial on building a preset hones in on how you can tweak and personalise the existing preset sounds – always a good way to get started with a multi-effects unit. It all looks pretty user-friendly to us. And the feature set for the price here seems pretty incredible. 

It looks like other players have already got their own units and have been demoing them too… 

The Harley Benton DNAfx GiT Pro is £239 / €288 and available to order from Thomann

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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