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Hadouken! Teenage Engineering and Capcom launch Street Fighter and Mega Man Pocket Operators

In what can only be described as a ‘special move’, Teenage Engineering has just pushed all our video game nostalgia buttons with the launch of two Capcom-branded Pocket Operators inspired by Street Fighter and Mega Man.

Capcom Pocket Operators

(Image credit: Teenage Engineering)

Fans of ‘90s beat-em-ups are going to be dragon punching for joy at the PO-133, a special Street Fighter version of the PO-33 micro sampler. Offering 16 Street Fighter soundtracks and samples from the original arcade game, this has a built-in microphone for sampling, eight melodic sample slots, eight drum slots and 40-second sample memory. There are also 15 punch-in effects and step multiplier.

Capcom Pocket Operators

(Image credit: Teenage Engineering)

The Mega Man Pocket Operator, meanwhile, is an 8-bit synth/sequencer based on the PO-28. This one has 16 Mega Man soundtracks inside and offers parameter locks, glide control and punch-in effects. There are 15 sounds and micro drum to play with, plus a 3-track sequencer and 128-pattern chaining.

The PO-133 Street Fighter is available now priced at $89/£85/€99, while the PO-128 Mega Man costs $89/£85/€99 and will be available on 2 December. There are also special edition cases for each model.

Of course, this being Teenage Engineering, there's a bit more to this story, too: the company is also putting a special Street Fighter Honda S660 2-seater car up for sale. Imported from Japan and then tweaked by the TE engineers, this sports a massive rear wing to aid downforce, and a rev tuning kit that can be activated with a hidden button below the dashboard.

Said to be street-legal in Europe, Japan and "probably" the US, you'll need $27,500 if you want to bid for this one-off whip. The owner will also receive two bundles of five PO-133s and PO-128s in sealed boxes, embroidered overalls, a sweater, the special edition cases and a hoodie.

Find out more on the Teenage Engineering website.

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