YOUR QUESTIONS: For Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert with his Ibanez PGM Signature guitar
Paul Gilbert with his Ibanez PGM Signature guitar

Guitarist Paul Gilbert began his impressive career with Racer X in 1985 before shooting to fame with Mr. Big in 1991. This was in no small part due to their second LP Lean Into It, featuring the band´s best known track: To Be With You.

Gilbert went on to record countless solo albums and side projects including the 2007 G3 tour with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci. He is also widely regarded as one of the greatest shredders of all time and we´ve got him lined-up for an interview next week. And, as usual, we´re giving you the chance to ask the questions…

To ask a question, simply add one to the comments below (you´ll need to be registered and logged in to do this). We´ll pick the best and ask them during the interview next week.

If you still need some inspiration take a look at Gilbert playing the guitar with a drill onstage or our own killer licks tutorial with the man himself. Thanks for all your questions for Dan Donegan - the full podcast is on its way.