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Yamaha unveils THR100HD and THR100H guitar amp heads

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THR100HD and THR100H - front

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THR100HD and THR100H - rear

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THR100HD and THR212C cab

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THR100H and THR112C cab

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THR100HD and THR212C cab

After masterminding the 'Third Amp' concept back in 2011, Yamaha has sought to reinvent the traditional guitar amp head and cab setup with the launch of two THR 100-watt heads: the THR100HD and THR100H.

Both amps offer five amp types - solid, clean, crunch, lead and modern - as well as selectable power sections - EL34, 6L6GC, KT88, EL84 and 6V6 - plus class A/AB operation.

The THR100HD also offers dual discrete amps, each with separate inputs, speaker outputs, amp types and power sections, which can provide true dual-amp sounds from a single head.

By pairing Yamaha's Virtual Circuit Modelling (VCM) tech with a new power amp section, the new THRs promises valve-like sound and response from a digital power amp.

Elsewhere, both amps offer a built-in reverb and booster - footswitchable using the included footswitch and adjustable via USB editor software - plus headphone and XLR DI outputs with Yamaha's IR speaker simulation, and the ability to load your own IR sims.

Yamaha has also released two speaker cabs to pair with the new heads: the THR112C and THR212C, both of which feature Eminence speakers.

The THR100HD and THR100H are available now for £755 and £564 respectively, while the THR212C and THR112C are £477 and £286. Check out our first look video demo and Yamaha for more.