WTF? VIDEO: Weezer and...Kenny G?

The strangest of bedfellows Kenny G and Rivers Cuomo
The strangest of bedfellows: Kenny G and Rivers Cuomo

Weezer and Kenny G together on the same stage makes us certain of one thing: the apocalypse is indeed upon us.

'Tis true. The king of easy-listening sax schmaltz joined Rivers Cuomo and co during a taping of AOL Sessions for an otherwise toe-tapping rendition of I'm Your Daddy, one of the tracks off the band's zippy new album, Raditude.

As it turns out, Cuomo and G - is that what we call him? - are Malibu neighbors, so apparently, while borrowing a cup of sugar, Cuomo must've invited the poodle-haired non-rocker to rock out with the Weez. Or something like that. Who knows how these things happen? And who can really explain this one?

We sure can't.

Check out the video below and behold. Then pick your mouth up off the floor. Weezer, we still love you, but for the love of God, please, never again!