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Will this GPS tracker-equipped guitar tuner pedal stop gear theft?

If our Facebook feeds are anything to go by, bands are getting robbed of their precious gear on an increasingly regular basis. It's a depressing trend, but it's one that a guitar tuner pedal might just help to combat, thanks to an onboard GPS tracker.

Invented by Gigbox founder and St Louis guitarist Jesse Caron, the Smrt Roadie works in a similar way to the Find My Phone iPhone app: if the product is stolen, users can log in to an app and see where it is on a map.

The GPS element of the pedal is charged whenever it's connected to a pedalboard, and will last up to 10 days without power.

When it's eventually released, the pedal will cost around $149.95, and although it looks a little chunky by modern pedal tuner standards (and that footswitch needs some work), we're it'll be shipshape by the time it hits Kickstarter in the coming months.

For now, we commend the Smrt Roadie and any (legal) efforts taken to fight gear crime.