Who was the greatest Strat player of the '60s?

Jimi wasn t the only player to pick up a Strat in the 1960s
Jimi wasn't the only player to pick up a Strat in the 1960s...
(Image: © Corbis)

60 DAYS OF STRAT: As part of our epic celebration of all things Stratocaster, over the next few weeks we're setting off on a voyage through Strat history to settle it once and for all: who was the greatest player ever to strap on a Strat?

We'll be travelling through each decade of the Strat's existence, collating your votes as we go and compiling the ultimate run down of Stratocaster legends.

Last week we asked for your votes on the best players of the '50s, and now we're moving forward a decade to the 1960s.

Cast your vote below, and remember if the player you want to vote for isn't already on the poll, you can add them in at the bottom...