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Weird video of the day: New Colony Six on Kiddie A-Go-Go

The Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show and The New Colony Six played Kiddie A-Go-Go. In other words, a gig's a gig, and you go where the people want you.

Not hip to The New Colony Six? Well, during the late '60s, the Chicago-based sextet racked up two minor hits, I Will Always Think About You (#22 Billboard Hot 100, 1968) and Things I'd Like to Say" (#16, 1969).

Their style was a strange mix of pop and light psychedelia, with a Farfisa organ and Leslie-driven guitar lines informing their sound. And like Paul Revere & The Raiders and Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, they dressed in colonial outfits. Hey, it was big at the time.

So here they are in the Weird Video Of The Day, The New Colony Six bringing down the house at Kiddie A-Go-Go with their non-hit, I Lie Awake. (Next time you think you're playing a lame gig, remember these guys.)