Watch Devin Townsend demo his signature Mooer Ocean Machine delay/reverb pedal

If there's one guitarist who knows delay and reverb, it's Devin Townsend, so we were thrilled to hear news of his signature Ocean Machine pedal with Mooer earlier this year. Now, the man himself has demoed the latest revision of the stompbox.

In the clip above, Devin details the delay/reverb pedal's huge array of features, lays down a few ambient sounds and highlights the exhaustive tweaks he has undergone with the Mooer team to get exactly what he wanted from the pedal while still retaining an affordable price point.

Ultimately, ambience is about interacting with the past

Whatever your views on Devin, it's hard to argue with those immersive sounds, especially at an "under $300" price point. We're hoping for more news come NAMM time.

Devin recently outlined his approach to delay and reverb with us in his top 5 tips for guitarists.

"Even my dad would complain there was too much reverb on everything and tell me to dry it out…" he laughs.

"But ultimately, ambience is about interacting with the past. I write with lots of delay and reverb because I don't have a drum machine with me. I almost interact with the reverb and delay."

Michael Astley-Brown

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