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Vox offers limited edition red AC15C1 amp

Vox resurrects a finish from the 1960s.
Vox resurrects a finish from the 1960s.

PRESS RELEASE: The AC15C1 tube combo amp - a worldwide favourite - is now available in a limited Vintage Red edition

From their earliest origins to the present day, Vox has sent numerous custom-colour and limited-colour amplifiers out into the world. Ranging from standard colours such as grey, blue, green, and purple to original colours such as two-tone and tan, this range of variation goes far beyond that of other amp brands.

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Each of these models has represented a further enhancement of the superb Vox design and unique look, and has captured the interest of guitarists in every generation. Now, the limited-colour Vintage Red resurrects a custom colour that appeared in 1963, for a particularly vintage character.

With a character that differs from the limited red on Vox amps of recent years, this model projects a weightier and deeper feeling. It's an excellent match for the AC15C1 - the reigning standard of mid-size tube-amps - and will project a powerful presence in any environment; on stage, in the studio, or at home.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Vox.

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