Vox announces AmPhones headphone-amp range

Pictured left to right: Vox AmPhones Lead, Twin, Bass and AC30
Pictured left to right: Vox AmPhones Lead, Twin, Bass and AC30

Continuing today's Vox news avalanche, the firm has announced a new range of headphones, AmPhones, that feature integrated AmPlug micro amps and can be plugged directly into an electric guitar or bass.

The company has worked closely with reputable headphone specialists Audio-Technica to develop the range, which features four models: AC30, Twin, Lead and Bass. The first three are based on Vox AC30, classic 'American' (i.e. Fender) and classic 'British' (i.e. Marshall) amp tones, respectively. The latter utilizes Vox's new Bassilator circuit, which emulates the floor resonance of a bass speaker cabinet.

Each of the three guitar models feature built-in reverb, delay and chorus effects, whereas the Bass AmPhones have a built-in compressor. All of the headphones in the range also have aux inputs to allow you to play along with an MP3/CD player.

And yes, Vox says they'll also work fine as normal headphones and can be folded up for compact storage, which is just as well because, judging from these first images, they look pretty sizeable.

Vox AmPhones will be in stores from November. Prices are still TBC. Head to the official Vox site for more information.

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