VIDEO: ZZ Top premiere new song, I've Got To Get Paid, in beer commercial

Billy Gibbons slides around with a friend
Billy Gibbons slides around with a friend

We admit that we've never heard of Jeremiah Weed until today. Although it sounds like a tobacco product, there's actually a line of adult beverages that bear the company's name. Knowing the tastes of their audience, ZZ Top have teamed up with Jeremiah Weed to debut the band's first single, I've Got To Get Paid, from their upcoming album.

In the video above, shot unscripted at Bubba's Country Store in Austin, Texas, customers are lured inside by drumbeats emanating from a beer refrigerator. Once a man opens a door to the fridge, ZZ Top burst out in full glory, cranking the new track. Oh, and of course, there's leggy, ZZ Top dancing girls.

Although only 90 seconds of the song is played in the spot, it sounds like classic Top updated for 2012, with a dirty, greasy groove and Billy Gibbons' growling, earthy guitar licks. Love the bit where he plays slide with a Jeremiah Weed beer can.

If this is an indication of what to expect on the upcoming album, we're all in. What do you think?

Joe Bosso

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