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VIDEO: The BiG GiG live at LIMS 2009

The BiG GiG: believe it or not, it sounded great!
The BiG GiG: believe it or not, it sounded great!

Friday at LIMS 2009 saw the biggest concert of the entire show: Music For Youth's The BiG GiG. The event featured hundreds of young musicians, who hooked up to form a rock orchestra of epic proportions.

Over 50 singers, four drummers, 50 string players, a full samba band, guitarists, bassists, percussionists, keyboard players and more made up the ensemble.

Amplification in the form of Laney AH50 and RBs was supplied by Headstock Distribution and ensured the gig was a loud affair.

However, far from being a cacophony (as MusicRadar, it's sad to say, was often fear if over a hundred children get together to do, well... anything), the sound was awesome - as documented in the video below.

So a big pat on the back to Music For Youth (and the performers, of course) for pulling the whole thing off. Next year, though, we want it even bigger!