UNKLE work with Josh Homme, give away four new tracks

The Men From UNKLE. Arf.
The Men From UNKLE. Arf.

British electronica outfit UNKLE have just finished recording their sixth album End Titles… Stories For Film. Depending on how cynical you are - the generous duo/doctors of pre-release hype - are giving away four new album tracks from four different websites to celebrate.

It's actually a fair chunk of the album (tracks 5, 6, 7 and 8 to be precise) and although you have to download them separately, they'll play as one extended mix of music when played consecutively - a nice touch.

New song Chemical features Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme on vocals and Blade In The Back features unsigned acoustic fellow Gavin Clark.

Here are the details…
5. Kaned And Abel via UNKLE.com on 27 June
8. Chemical (ft. Josh Homme) via Pitchfork on 30 June
6. Blade In The Back (ft. Gavin Clark) via RcrdLbl on 2 July
7. Synthetic Water via UNKLE77.com on 4 July

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