U2 to release five different versions of 'Horizon'

No line on configurations for 'Horizon'
No line on configurations for 'Horizon'

U2 have figured out a way for you to spend that holiday cash you just got in your stocking. Their upcoming album, No Line On The Horizon, will come in five configurations, with some hefty prices attached to a couple of them.

Scheduled for release on 2 March (3 March in North America), will be available in standard CD and double-vinyl packages. In addition to those formats, the set will also be available in a digi-pack version, a 'magazine' version and as a box set.

Music and a movie

The digi-pack configuration, which carries a US retail price of $35.98, includes a 36-page booklet, a fold-out poster and 'a new film from Anton Corbijn featuring the music of U2,' available as a download.

The magazine version, available for $49.98, features 'a special 60-page soft cover magazine-style book,' as well as the downloadable Corbijn film.

And lastly we have the box set version, which will set you back near 100 smackers ($95.98). What do you get in the big kahuna? Well, you get a box and the CD (duh), plus a 60-page hard cover book, a second poster and a DVD version of the Corbijn film - no downloading necessary.

Too much of a good thing? Hey, if it's a great U2 album - and they rarely disappoint - then it's something we definitely can't leave behind.

Joe Bosso

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