ToneWoodAmp seeks backers

Want to add reverb to your acoustic sound but don't want to plug in to an amp? No problem, says ToneWoodAmp, a who have built a guitar-mounted effects unit for acoustic guitarists that makes use of the guitar's own resonant properties to add classic reverb, delay and modulation effects to your unplugged sound.

The innovative unit fixes directly to the back of an electro-acoustic guitar and offers three types of reverb, plus delay, echo and tremolo effects. It works by routing the signal from your acoustic guitar's onboard piezo or magnetic pickup through a digital effects processor.

The effected signal is then sent to a small driver that is in contact with the rear of the guitar. This generates effected sound that is amplified by the guitar's body in the same way as the sound of the strings is amplified acoustically during normal play.

Each of ToneWoodAmp's effects has three controllable parameters: dumping, decay and pre-delay settings for the reverbs; time, rate and reverb for the delays, while depth, rate and reverb controls govern the tremolo.

Effect selection and effects parameters are controlled via rotary knobs on the unit's housing. Favourite effects settings can also be stored by depressing the effect selector knob, the makers add. The unit is also compatible with iOS devices, allowing the use of App-based effects as well as those built into the unit, and has an output for use with a PA.

ToneWoodAmp claims the compact size and weight of the unit does mean it will not interfere with normal play and the prototype currently weighs in at 0.3kg. The company says production units will be even lighter, at around 0.17kg.

The device is attached to the guitar via two magnetic strips with adhesive backing that are applied to the guitar's back. These permit the unit to be attached or removed in moments, leaving only the strips in place. However, the company says it also offers an alternative magnetic system for use with nitro-finish guitars, which are not suitable for use with the adhesive strips.

ToneWoodAmp are currently trying to raise funds to put this innovative device into production via Kickstarter and are inviting public donations to bring their innovative effects unit into mass production. Interested pickers can find out more on the company's website,

Jamie Dickson

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