Tom Waits to release 78 RPM record

The limited edition Preservation Hall 78 RPM record player.
The limited edition Preservation Hall 78 RPM record player.

Now, unless you're really something of a collector, it's safe to assume that any record player you might own only has two speed settings - 33 and 45 RPM. We say that because the old-fashion 78 RPM phonograph design all but died out over 50 years ago.

Enter Tom Waits. The much-admired singer/songwriter, as a result of his recent collaboration with New Orleans' Preservation Hall Jazz Band, is set to release a cover of an old jazz recording - in its original 78 format.

The song, Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing, was originally recorded by Danny Barker in 1947. Waits' version will feature the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and be released on Preservation Hall Recordings on November 19.

Since 78 RPM record players are, to say the least, hard to come by these days, Preservation Hall is also releasing a limited edition player that will play at 78 and 100 speeds. Only 504 of the record players will be made available, with all proceeds going to Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass Band.

Check out Preservation Hall's site for more details.

Si Truss

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