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Tom Scholz warns of fake 'Boston' concerts

There's only one Boston, says Tom Scholz
There's only one Boston, says Tom Scholz

Boston mastermind and leader Tom Scholz has taken to the band's website to warn fans of a band called Cosmo and what he deems as fake 'Boston' concerts.

In his blog, Scholz writes:"In spite of recent misleading ads claimng BOSTON appearances and even reunions of original members, BOSTON is not touring or performing this year."

Beware of the Cosmo

Says Scholz, "As many of you know, numerous dates have been announced for the band Cosmo, but have been promoted using the name, logo, or even the recorded music of BOSTON, which may have confused some as to whether BOSTON would be performing.

"Fran Cosmo has explained that he was unaware that BOSTON's name, logo, or music were being used by his agent to promote Cosmo as BOSTON. While most of it has stopped, there are still some problems with unauthorized use of the name BOSTON in connection with some scheduled Cosmo performances.

"Cosmo's extensive covers of older BOSTON songs recorded prior to Fran's involvement raised some eyebrows, but as long as these shows are not promoted in a misleading way using BOSTON, we see no problem with their performance of a few BOSTON songs, and wish them luck with their summer tour.

"But I'm telling you it's not Boston!"

So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. For a look at the 'fake' Boston," check out the video below: