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Them Crooked Vutures post video teaser to Scumbag Blues

Another day, another Them Crooked Vultures teaser clip to drive us insane with anticipation as to what Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones have in store for the full-length CD, Never Deserved The Future.

First, the band posted vids, one short and one slightly less short, for a song called Nobody Loves Me And Neither Do I. Deliecious stuff.

Then they put up a brief clip of the song they've been opening their live sets with, Elephants. Riffs don't get bigger than this.

Or do they? Check out their latest visual and audio appetizer for a track called Scumbag Blues. If this isn't a slum-dunk, then we don't know what is. Can the rest of the song possibly be this good? Something tells us it is.

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