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The Jamstik+ SmartGuitar delivers "the easiest way to learn guitar"

There are all kinds of guitar learning aids available - from compact three-strings to ergonomically designed picks - but tech company Zivix reckons its Kickstarter-funded Jamstik+ SmartGuitar is the best way to pick up the instrument yet.

The Jamstik+ works with iOS devices, utilising Bluetooth Smart technology to connect to Apple's new MIDI standard for connectivity with GarageBand and other MIDI apps.

In terms of playing the instrument, the Jamstik+ features six real guitar strings and five frets, which are activated by infrared light sensors and can now detect string bends and vibrato, while a built-in D-pad allows one-touch octave and capo shifts.

New for the updated 'stik is a magnetic pickup, developed with Fishman, which offers more dynamic pick detection akin to a real electric guitar.

With a compact, lightweight body and eight hours of rechargeable battery life, the Jamstik+ also promises to make learning the guitar a more portable experience.

The Jamstik+ is available to pre-order from Jamstik for $299 and comes in three colours: black, blue and white.