The best of YouTube: #27

An 18-year-old Pete Doherty queuing to buy Be Here Now by Oasis
An 18-year-old Pete Doherty queuing to buy Be Here Now by Oasis

Every Friday, the MusicRadar team submits its own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net.

Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching. This selection has everything from a mic-swallowing Ziggy Stardust-a-like to Lars Ulrich singing for Metallica...

Chris Wickett's choices

Johnny Greenwood using Max/MSP live
"We revealed Radiohead's live setup this week - a setup that features Cycling'74's Max/MSP software. I'm learning to use the geek-tech uber-app (and blogging about it along the way), and I found this awesome clip whilst looking for inspiration. It certainly did the trick." CW

Thom Yorke plays The Clock acoustic
"From one end of the technology scale to the other - check out this incredible performance of Thom Yorke playing The Clock (from his electronica influenced album The Eraser) with just an acoustic guitar." CW

Ben Rogerson's choices

D'Angelo's Chicken Grease
"Given that his recent greatest hits album is called 'The Best So Far', I'm hopeful that D'Angelo might finally get around to releasing some new material soon. Two albums is hardly enough to accommodate his enormous talent, as this classic clip from The Chris Rock show (featuring ?uestlove on drums, you may notice) demonstrates. If you want more, check out his spellbinding cover of Smokey Robinson's Cruisin'." BR

Marvin Gaye sings and plays piano
"Listen to D'Angelo's music and Marvin's influence is easy to hear, so let's watch him running through pared-down versions of Come Get To This and Distant Lover. If you thought that Gaye was just a singer, this should set you right." BR

Michael Leonard's choices

Lars Ulrich sings for Metallica
"With new album Death Magnetic all over the net right now before its release next week, why not revisit a Metallica rarity? Here's the band covering Diamond Head's Am I Evil with (from1:40) Lars Ulrich on vocals "leaping like a wood gnome on coke" and James Hetfield bashing the drums like a caveman. Totally Tap." ML

Noel Gallagher in 1989
"No video, but audio of a demo called Hey You that Noel Gallagher recorded in 1989, two years before he joined Oasis. Erm, let's just say he's come quite a way. As has a teenage Peter Doherty, queuing to buy Oasis's Be Here Now in 1997. What a sensible young man he seemed." ML

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

My Morning Jacket play Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II in the back of a taxi
"The idea is simple yet incredibly entertaining: artists perform stripped-down versions of their songs in the back of a taxi as it cruises around London. If you haven't seen any of the Black Cab Sessions before, we'd suggest checking out not only the stunning My Morning Jacket performance above, but also similarly stellar cab-based brilliance from Seasick Steve, Fleet Foxes, Cold War Kids and Death Cab For Cutie." CV

Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer perform Listen Up
"Listen Up is one of several great but often-overlooked early Oasis b-sides hamstrung by pretty rough production. The song is given room to breathe in this arrangement, taken from a 2006 promotional tour in support of Stop The Clocks, the Oasis 'best of' compilation. To find out what life in the Oasis camp is like circa 2008, listen to what Noel had to say when we spoke to him last week." CV

Mike Goldsmith's choices

MC5: Ramblin Rose (Live in Detroit, 1970)
"In 'celebration' of the news that the guitar trio of Wayne Kramer (MC5), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses, 'MC5') are to "update and modernize the sound" (don't get me started…) of Kick Out The Jams for Guitar Hero World Tour, it's time for some genuine punk fury. Check out this clip of Kramer at his best at Wayne State University's Tartar Field in Detroit, introduced by the distinctly groovesome Gail. "Don't freak out, this is really a television programme!" Hell yeah! Fuck Hudson's!" MG

Little Feat: Rock and Roll Doctor (Live Ultrasonic Studios, 1974)
"If you like country with a funky beat…" More live treats with this clip of Lowell George at his dirty best. Country rock fans will know the story of the rare-as-hell Electrif Lycanthrope bootleg and some will know that you can legally download quality flac files of the whole set at Internet Archive (just head here now). However what most won't know is this video footage exists. More clips are available now and our YouTuber promises more in the coming months. If you think good country rock stops with Gram Parsons or Neil Young, think again. And then go here to see Lowell demonstate how he gets that greasy bottleneck sound. Learn, young country jedis, learn!" MG

Tom Porter's choices

Pearl Jam's Jeff Avent falls over, makes it look intentional
"With Avent's first solo album on the horizon, it's worth taking a look at the bassist in action. Watch how Jeff effortlessly continues to play after slipping on stage during Pearl Jam's Why Go." TP

Korg DS-10 jamming with a couple of iPhones
"One enterprising artist has already made an entire album using Nintendo's Korg DS-10 and this iBand jamming session makes it easy to see how. Seriously, the possibilities are endless." TP

Joe Bosso's choices

The Beatles - rehearsing Hey Jude
It was 40 years ago this week that The Beatles released the biggest single of their career, Hey Jude/Revolution. While many have seen the clip of the band's jubilant performance of Hey Jude on The David Frost Show, few have witnessed how the song came together in rehearsals. Interesting that George Harrison isn't involved in the proceedings - he mainly talks to George Martin in the control room. Also notable is the lack of rancor that would split the band apart only months later.

Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick drum track 'before editing'
You wanna hear drumming? You wanna hear The Hammer Of The Gods? Well, sit back, put your earphones on, and check out John Bonham in perhaps his finest hour. Taken as a whole, it's not so much a "rock drum solo," as there's some very hot jazz/big band patterns.

Still bored?

Watch a German Rod Stewart-alike wedding singer swallow a microphone. Ouch?


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