Metallica's Death Magnetic leaked in full online

Fans have posted images of the final CD packaging on blog sites
Fans have posted images of the final CD packaging on blog sites

New Metallica album Death Magnetic has leaked in its entirety ten days in advance of its Friday 12 September worldwide release date.

Reports suggest that a French record store sold a number of copies of the CD on 2 September and the past 24 hours have seen all of the songs appear on YouTube and file-sharing sites.

Speaking on a Californian radio show several hours ago, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich - once an outspoken opponent of illegal downloading - was pragmatic about the leak:

"Listen, we're ten days from release. I mean, from here, we're golden. If this thing leaks all over the world today or tomorrow, happy days. Happy days.

"Trust me. Ten days out and it hasn't quote-unquote fallen off the truck yet? Everybody's happy. It's 2008 and it's part of how it is these days, so it's fine. We're happy."

So, after a marathon marketing campaign, Death Magnetic is finally out there. Have you heard it? What do you think?

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