The best of YouTube: #16

Cindy Blackman
Cindy Blackman

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. This week features a song created entirely using Microsoft Windows sounds...


1. The Great Kat: Metal Messiah
A lost treasure from the days when shred ruled the earth.

2. Leonard Cohen plays Avalanche
The singer-songwriter plays Glastonbury next week. Check out this haunting live performance from 1988.

3. Jimmy Page plays open-tuning acoustic
Some Bert Jansch-style acoustic antics from the Led Zeppelin star.

4. Robert Trujillo jamming on a classical guitar
The Metallica bassist shows his band mates a thing or two about Flamenco guitar playing.

5. Bert Weedon plays rock'n'roll
The Play In A Day legend rocking out in a truly hideous shirt.


1. Hired Guns intro music
The intro music to this classic Commodore Amiga game brings a tear to our eye.

2. Analogue Synth heaven
This lo-fi vid features all manner of classic analogue synths - see if you can pick them all out.

3. Guitar Hero Al Di Meola rocks out the presence of a Fairlight-CMI
If you can stand the hideous video, you can catch a glimpse of the classic Fairlight CMI.

4. Real-time animation and music using a 1985 home computer
Who needs Windows Vista, eh?

5. Fatboy Slim Vs Lance Armstrong
Acid 8000 is the perfect back drop to watch one of cycling legend Armstrong's greatest moments.


1. Rick Allen from Def Leppard's drum set-up
Allen explains the tricks and talents that allow him to play with just one arm.

2. Buddy Rich vs. Ed Shaughnessy Drum Battle on Johnny Carson
Buddy Rich is almost as famous for his drum battles as for his playing. Here's another classic.

3. Spinning drum set
Like Tommy Lee and Joey Jordison, this guy doesn't like to sit still.

4. Street Drummer Scene From Taxi Driver
Akiller street drummer, DeNiro taking Cybill Shepard to a porn film, and it's in Spanish too!

5. Cindy Blackman plays Pro Tem
The Lenny Kravitz drummer playing a drum-led piece live.

Still bored? Check out this video of a song created entirely using sounds from Windows 98 and XP.


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