The best of YouTube: #14

This week we've got an inventive cover of Radiohead's Nude
This week we've got an inventive cover of Radiohead's Nude

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. This week there´s the late, great Bo Diddley, a remix of Radiohead´s Nude with the drums played by an old dot-matrix printer and more…


1. Buddy Guy jams with eight-year-old Quinn Sullivan
The kid's fantastic, but you have to be at least 12 to have lived the blues…

2. Joe Forrest plays silly guitar
Clever. But maybe he should just take up juggling or something?

3. Bo Diddley in his prime
Mr Diddley died this week. Remember him this way.

4. Tony Iommi before he was in Black Sabbath
This folky music he playeth with Jethro Tull - surely the devil´s work.

5. Guitar smashing
Now, that´s going to hurt. But do it with a Les Paul and we´ll be impressed (seriously though kids, don´t).


1. Old computer hardware does Radiohead Nude remix
The best reworking of the In Rainbows track we´ve heard thus far. Stick with it, and make sure you read the info panel for a full explanation.

2. Duran Duran do Kraftwerk
The new romantic survivors - who once released a covers album that´s been voted the worst ever - put their unique spin on the electronic pioneers´ Showroom Dummies.

3. Jamie Lidell freestyles
The UK soul man proves that he hasn´t completely abandoned his electronic roots with this one-man-jam session at a recent gig.

4. Stevie on the talk box
Stevie Wonder has just announced a European tour - let´s celebrate by watching him demo a talk box back in the day.

5. Beat-making on the Nintendo Entertainment System
The Super Synth Drums Cartridge enables you to use your NES as a drum machine.


1. Thomas Pridgen live with The Mars Volta
The band´s US network television debut on The Late Show With David Letterman goes with a bang.

2. Gene Krupa takes the drums for a spin
Krupa was a major pioneer of the drum kit in music - witness his flamboyant style here.

3. Outrageous metal drummers
If it´s technical metal drumming you crave, Tool´s Danny Carey and Meshuggah´s Tomas Haake have you covered.

4. A drum kit made of cheese
Cheese Kit Diptych - an installation by artist Walter Willems - played by free jazz drummer Han Bennink.

5. Playing drums blindfolded
Or in this case, with a bag over one's head. The guy has his reasons... hopefully.

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