The Beatles: Rock Band reveals all but one song

Paul, John and Ringo in Revolution-mode
Paul, John and Ringo in Revolution-mode

We now know 19 more songs from the upcoming The Beatles: Rock Band, bringing the grand total to 44 tracks in all.

Or is it 45? MTV Games and Harmonix have hinted at one last 'mystery' song - the 45th, they say - that will be announced soon. As previously reported, Within You With You is to be coupled with Tomorrow Never Knows - said to be from the Love soundtrack - so we're guessing they're counting the two numbers as one. If not, then we'll have 46 songs.

Maybe they're just trying to keep us on our toes.

19 more tracks to hold you

In any event, the additional tracks and locales just announced are as follows:

Boys / Cavern Club
A Hard Day's Night / Ed Sullivan Theater
I'm Looking Through You / Shea Stadium
If I Needed Someone / Shea Stadium
Ticket To Ride / Shea Stadium
Drive My Car / Budokan
Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Getting Better / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Good Morning / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Hello, Goodbye / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Hey Bulldog / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Dear Prudence / Abbey Road Dreamscape
While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Helter Skelter / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Something / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Come Together / Abbey Road Dreamscape
Don't Let Me Down / Rooftop Concert
I Want You (She's So Heavy) / Rooftop Concert
I Me Mine / Rooftop Concert

It was also announced this week that The Beatles: Rock Band will feature previously unreleased audio and studio banter from the group - not included on the CD Let It Be...Naked, we're assuming - as well as a "story mode" that gives the back-story of the band's songs.

The Beatles: Rock Band is to be released on 9/9/09, the same day as the entire Beatles remastered catalogue.

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