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The Beatles, Apple make 27 songs available as iTunes ringtones

The Beatles in 1964, back when ringtones were... What's a ringtone? © Underwood & Underwood/Corbis

The Beatles were slow to board the iTunes train, but they're quickly making up for lost time. Today, that most iconic of iconic bands made available 27 of their songs - all number one hits, that is - available as ringtones via Apple's iTunes.

The songs are culled from The Beatles' 31-milliion 2000 compilation album 1, which told The Beatles' story in 'toppermost of the poppermost' fashion, putting all of the group's number one songs on a two-disc package.

So now with ringtones, fans fan answer their phones to Love Me Do, Ticket To Ride, Help!, I Feel Fine and on and on.

Because the songs are all culled from the album 1, ringtones-appropriate numbers such as Good Day Sunshine, Goodnight, and Good Morning, Good Morning aren't yet available. But here's hoping they will be soon. And hey, imagine sitting on the bus and hearing You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)... talk about strange!