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The amp and FX-loaded ElectroPhonic Model One is a guitar "beyond anything you've ever known"

Guitars with built-in amps and effects are nothing new - here are five classic examples - but the likes of the Fusion Guitar, and now, the ElectroPhonic Model One are bringing the all-in-one electric into the modern day.

10 years in the making, ElectroPhonic's example promises real amp tone with tube feel via a built-in 8W amp with dual paper cone guitar speakers - the company's Labyrinth Chamber promises to allow players to feel the sound without the need for high volume; presumably, that's what makes it"beyond anything you've ever known".

As well as a gain control for built-in drive and distortion tones, a range of effects is also on offer, including delay and modulation (chorus/phase/flange).

The guitar's FET-based preamp and Class D power amp can be sculpted into US, British and high-gain amp types, while the whole unit is powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries - aux in, headphone out and regular 1/4" jack outputs are also onboard.

In terms of 'normal' guitar features, the Model One offers "hardwoods" throughout, with a 24.75" scale length, 22 frets and a compound radius.

The ElectroPhonic Model One is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign - pledging $899 gets you the guitar, although early adopter discounts are available.