Take the Vox Tone Test!

If Black Friday is leading you into temptation in the shape of the delights of your local MI retailer, be sure to check out a Vox product or two in order to take advantage of the company's timely special offer.

The official release says: "We're confident that if you try any of our amps, from our Hand-wired to the Valvetronix+, the Custom series, right through to the Mini 3, you won't look back.

"This offer is not limited to just amps. Try out any Tonelab, the Vox Dynamic Looper and the full range of Vox guitars, too. We'll even send you a limited edition Vox watch just for taking the time to try out our gear. No purchase necessary.

"Just ask the friendly store staff for more info. For all the details please speak to your dealer or visit Vox online."

The MusicRadar team

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