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Take The Vox Tone Test

Get yourself a free t-shirt in exchange for trying a Vox amp.
Get yourself a free t-shirt in exchange for trying a Vox amp.

PRESS RELEASE: Vox are confident that if you try any of their amps, from the new Handwired to the Valvetronix+, the Custom series, right through to the Mini 3, you won't look back. That's why they want you to Take The Tone Test.

Vox are not limiting this to just amps either, they're including theTonelab ST andtheir new range of Vox guitars too.

From the moment you pick one up, you'll understand why the VOX is going to be your next favourite guitar. Modern production techniques combined with hands-on craftsmanship result in a no-compromise instrument that is eminently playable; yet versatile enough to help you find your own distinctive voice.

So head down to any participating store and put the Vox amps and new guitars through their paces.Once you've done that, ask a member of staff for a Vox Tone Test voucher confirming that you had what it took to take the test and Vox will send you a free a limited edition Vox T-shirt. No purchase necessary.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Vox.

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