SXSW 2009 blog: Day Three

SXSW 2009
SXSW 2009

"The endless pizza and free drinks of SXSW are taking their strain. I'm running on vapours but once more into the lion's den of new music I go.

"However, some of us are clearly feeling the effect of all these industry parties more than others. If you happen to be in an Australian band, then feel reassured that this guy (pictured below) representing Sounds Australia is working "flat out" on your behalf...

The dark glasses are fooling no one, mister!

"The buzz around town today is that Metallica are playing a not-so-secret show at Stubbs to promote their new Guitar Hero game. Outside there's a huge truck full of equipment, a queue that stretches over two blocks and a throng of photographers wilting in the afternoon heat.

"I'm faced with a conundrum. Shall I wait, risk third degree sunburn and see if there's any hope of getting in? Or shall I make the fullest use of the day and catch more ferociously exciting young bands? Sorry, Metallica - I love you, but my time is just too precious. I'll call you soon.

From the ashes of Mclusky rise FoTL: "Britain's greatest band right now"

"I'm standing at the very front of the Aces Lounges watching the terrifyingly good Future of the Left and I'm feeling vindicated for my decision. Make no mistake, Future of the Left are truly Britain's greatest band right now and the Metallica quandary is a distant memory.

"Bars are climbed on, basses dry-humped, drinks are spilt and I shout myself hoarse. I even manage to get a stupid fan-boy photo!

"Can I have your autograph?" "No, I've got a blog to right… (arf etc)"

"Also propping up the British musical attack at SXSW is one David Thomas Broughton. Call it prog, call it folk, call it performance art, call it whatever because this guy doesn't jump between genres. He's simply covering them all with a single acoustic guitar.

"The opening to Ambiguous is looped and he's shaking his hips like Elvis. No hang on, he's in the crowd rearranging people's drinks! Wait! He's banging microphones together to create a hip-hop beat! He's wailing to the lord like a preacher man! Hang on, is this still the first song?

David Thomas Broughton: Wailin' to the lord… (not shown)

"I'm lost and long past caring, my mind is now open to anything. If Broughton could boil down this glorious mess into something just slightly more focused, then something of genius would be arrived at. As it is, it's just gloriously compelling.

"I leave feeling surreal, full of booze (inevitably) and somewhat sleep deprived (even more inevitably). My travelling compardre and I make shadow puppets while we wait on Lamar Bridge for one last unofficial party.

Last of the great shadow puppets? Not quite.

"Same again tomorrow? Hell yeah!"

Come back tomorrow for our final posts from sunny Austin