Steven Tyler enlists in Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp

For Steven Tyler, it's a rock 'n' roll
For Steven Tyler, it's a rock 'n' roll

Steven Tyler is going to camp. Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, that is. Even though the singer is finishing the new Aerosmith album and is set to hit the road with ZZ Top this summer, he's taking time out to show wannabe rockers both young and old how it's done.

"I've not done anything like this before. I'm expecting just a whole lot of fun," Tyler told Billboard.

The singer, whose father, Vic Tallarico studied at New York's Julliard School Of Music, admitted he might surprise the attendees when he says, "It's not really necessarily about practicing and hitting all your notes."

Find a passion, says Tyler

"He really is looking forward to connecting with the attendees and giving them something back" Rock Camp founder David Fishoff on Steven Tyler's involvement

"I think it's all about finding a passion, a way of singing something in a way that nobody has ever done it before. It's about a feeling and getting that across to people."

David Fishoff, founder of the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, which allows participants to jam with famous rock stars and attend 'master classes' is thrilled to have singer of Tyler's calibre aboard. "I think Steven is going to blow people away with his warmth and enthusiasm." he said.

"There's that saying, 'The bigger they are, the bigger they are,' and that's certainly true in Steven's case. He really is looking forward to connecting with the attendees and giving them something back - because he knows they've given so much to him."

According to Fishoff, Tyler's involvement came about from the singer's friendships with Slash and musician Mark Hudson, both of whom have participated in past camps. "I never have to do a hard sel on anybody," said Fishoff. "What happens is, people like Slash come to the camp and have such a good time, they wind up telling all their rock star buddies. It's word of mouth."

Other rock star 'counselors'

Along with Tyler, other counselors taking part in the camp that runs April 29 - May 3 in Hollywood include Duff McKagan, Todd Rundgren, Yes drummer Alan White, former Toto guitarist Steve Lukather and ex-Cars guitarist Elliott Easton.

"There will be a few more surpises, as well," Fishoff claimed, "but I can't say what they are; otherwise, they wouldn't be much of a surprise."

Once camp is over, however, Tyler is going to hve to turn his attention back to the Aerosmith album and ZZ Top tour. "It's the weird to the beard," Tyler enthused of the summer trek. "It'll be the most bad-ass rock 'n' roll you've ever heard in your life."

That is, unless, the Fantasy Camp attendees show him a thing or two.

Theres still time to enroll in the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp. Just click on the official website or dial 1-888-762-2264 (UK call 0845 0943256).

"It's going to be our best session yet," said Fishoff. "Until the next one. They always get better and better."

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