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Stage Ninja guitar cord system

Work your cable properly
Work your cable properly

Sick and tired of winding a bunch of messy guitar cords before and after shows? Who isn't? Karate chop that problem right now with the Stage Ninja.

When it comes to convenience and equipment protection, the Stage Ninja has a kung fu grip. The INS-26S is the industry's first automatic cord-winding system. Simply pull out desired cord length, plug in, pull cord again to retract, and there you go. Cable instantly retracts into damage-resistant protective housing. You can be on and off the stage in a flash. Your tech will love you, and you'll love yourself -- it's a win-win.

And did we mention the protective housing? This thing is thick as a brick. Your cord is safe and secure. And best of all: you can choose between anywhere from three to 26 feet or cable. Whatever you need, the Stafe Ninja has you covered. The input jacks are Neutrik NP2Xs with diecast nickel shells, and the shielded cable is designed by HOSA.

U.S. list price is $49.00.