Squier launches Biffy Clyro signature guitars

L R James Johnston Fender UK s Neil Whitcher Simon Neil Total Guitar s Nick Cracknell
L-R: James Johnston, Fender UK's Neil Whitcher, Simon Neil, Total Guitar's Nick Cracknell

With Scottish power trio Biffy Clyro on the verge of releasing their fifth LP, Only Revolutions, they've teamed up with Fender to launch two Squier signature instruments: the Simon Neil Stratocaster, and James Johnston Jazz Bass.

Based on the band's 'number one' stage guitars - in Simon's case a fiesta red '60s Custom Shop Relic, and the lake placid blue Custom Shop Jazz Bass favoured by James - tweaks include bigger frets, more modern, player-friendly neck radiuses and beefier pickups.

Check out our exclusive video in which Simon, James and Neil Whitcher from Fender UK talk to Total Guitar magazine about the new Squier signature models:

Stayed tuned to MusicRadar for full spec, pricing and sexy shots of the new Biffy Clyro Squiers very soon. For much more from Biffy Clyro, check out Total Guitar issue 195, onsale 30 October.

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Pre-order Only Revolutions here: Amazon | HMV