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Seymour Duncan harnesses the power of AC/DC for High Voltage guitar pickups

Seymour Duncan has announced the High Voltage humbucker set, which it promises is "ready to rock all night long" - we'll take that to mean it's designed to emulate the tones of AC/DC's Angus Young.

Developed for "one of rock's most iconic and devilish guitarists", the High Voltage set offers a tight bottom-end with a slightly hotter-than-'50s output.

A pair of specifically calibrated Alnico II magnets provide an even response between the bridge and neck pickups, with DC resistance rated at 8.6k and 7.7k respectively.

Available from Seymour Duncan's Custom Shop, the High Voltage humbucker set features lightly aged chrome covers and starts at $300. Dirty deeds done not quite-so-cheap…