Seymour Duncan announces 7/8 string Pegasus pickup

The Pegasus is aimed exclusively at prog metal players which probably explains the name
The Pegasus is aimed exclusively at prog-metal players, which probably explains the name...

Pickup giant Seymour Duncan has responded to the ever-growing demand for seven and eight-string guitars by developing a brand new pickup, the Pegasus, tailored specifically to low-ended, high-gain playing.

The new humbucker will be available in both active and passive builds for seven- and eight-string guitars. Utilising an alnico 5 magnet and custom-designed coils, Seymour Duncan says it means, "Huge chords and complex arpeggios are equally perfect".

Here's what Scott Olson of Seymour Duncan had to say about it in a forum post.

"It's a bridge pickup that was designed with prog metal in mind. It features harmonic richness, great dynamics and defined string separation that ensures all those notes break through any distorted mix. Many seven string players have been saying that they need a pickup that isn't excessively high-gain given the amount of gain on modern amps and the Pegasus provides the perfect balance with a more moderate output that lets you push it to the edge and still retain warmth and clarity."

Available with covered or uncovered coils, or with a soapbar-style cover, we've also gleaned that it's designed to be paired with the firm's forthcoming Sentient seven-/eight-string neck pickup. So now you know.