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Rush go steampunk for Time Machine tour!

Imagine our surprise when MusicRadar's monocled gentleman of steampunk, Mr Thomas Porter, alerted us to news that Canadian prog titans Rush have gone steampunk for their Time Machine tour.

According to Hughes & Kettner, Alex Lifeson's TriAmp and Coreblade amps have been incorporated into the awesome custom cabinets you can see in the accompanying pictures, which the German amp gurus describe as "simply the biggest and best looking Hughes & Kettner rig that has ever been."

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Now he just needs one of these ridiculously cool steampunk guitars to play through it. Or a steampunk synth.

Apparently, Geddy Lee's bass rig and Neil Peart's drums have been similarly Victorianised. Head over to the Hughes & Kettner website to read the full story or check out a video interview with Alex Lifeson on Guitar Noize.