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Radiohead release new song

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The artwork that accompanies the new track

The artwork that accompanies the new track (Image credit: tracing paper images by donwood and tchock)

These Are My Twisted Words

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Is Thom the mysterious Crza?

Is Thom the mysterious Crza? (Image credit: Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters/Corbis)

Crza for you?

First, it was Harry Patch (In Memory Of), a tribute to the late WWI veteran. Less than two weeks later, Radiohead return with another new track - These Are My Twisted Words.

You can download the song here. Interested parties should also head to the Dead Air Space blog to read what Jonny Greenwood has to say about it.

As we reported, the story kicked off last Wednesday with the leak of a new song. Various Radiohead forums have been ablaze with rumours trying to find out the real identity of 'crza' - a forum dweller on file-sharing site who had uploaded a song purporting to be a new Radiohead track.

The user's download history lead some to believe it could be Yorke himself. This was due to shared online listening/download habits plus recent changes to that user's privacy settings.

It was also influenced by the lead singer's recent utterances in US magazine The Believer about album releases being a "real drag", instead looking to EPs, one-off singles and even writing songs for orchestra.

The trail behind the release of These Are My Twisted Words is a long one that includes ASCII poetry and 'ISRC fields' (us neither).

Some still believe the track to be part of a forthcoming EP entitled Wall Of Ice (head here for 'more'). Others believe the track to be a product of recent Nigel Godrich-produced sessions, aimed at producing a song for the forthcoming Twilight film, New Moon.

Others don't really care too much but can't help notice the band giving away a new track the same time as the latest reissues of Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail To The Thief. Hmm.

MusicRadar finds itself firmly in the latter camp. Of course, the bigger question is what does it sound like? Well, it's a gentle-if-moody post rock excursion that would fit snugly alongside the majority of In Rainbows. However it can't help but feel a little bit underwhelming when compared to the more adventurous thought processes behind the orchestral Harry Patch (In Memory Of).

Greenwood declares the band "pretty proud of it" and reveals you'll be hearing it at this summer's concerts. Those wanting to learn the lyrics in time to sing along should start here.