Put your questions to Tom Scholz!

Got something you ve always wanted to ask Tom Scholz Now you can
Got something you've always wanted to ask Tom Scholz? Now you can!

Last month, we had the pleasure of speaking with Boston's sonic architect Tom Scholz about the band's new album, Life, Love & Hope, his new signature Gibson Les Paul, how he goes about achieving his identifiable guitar sound, why he won't give up on analogue gear and so much more.

We're going to be chatting again with Tom later next week, but this time you get to ask the questions!

Whatever you want to ask - more about his guitars, his studio and gear, the new album, classic songs - send us your questions in the comments section on this page, on our Facebook or Twitter, or you can even e-mail at musicradar@futurenet.com.

We'll pick the best questions and put them to Tom!