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Pedalboards have "evolved to a new level" with Aclam's Smart Track modular system

There are copious pedalboard systems on the market right now, but Aclam's Smart Track takes a new approach by offering the ability to alter the size of the 'board itself and secure pedals in a number of ways.

Smart Track pedalboards come in five sizes, and a range of extensions allow you to expand the 'board as your pedal addiction grows ever more serious.

Discreet plastic fasteners secures pedals to the 'board, doing away with sticky Velcro mess, while adjustable rear feet alter the angle of the unit to get better access to that top row of stompers.

And if the fastening system isn't to your taste, you can flip the 'board over and use it as a Velcro pedalboard instead - nifty.

Smart Track pedalboards include fasteners and softcases, and start at €79 from Aclam Guitars. We expect to see a few of these cropping up in the people's pedalboards very soon…