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Out Now: Home Studio Handbook

Out now! Not one but TWO great magazines designed to make you make better music in your home studio.

Home Studio Handbook comes in Beginner and Expert Editions.

Beginner gives new music makers all the info they need to record and make tracks, while expert goes 'next level' divulging the tricks of the pros and giving your tunes an expert final polish

Covering all disciplines from guitars, drums, keyboards and studio tech, each is packed with all the state-of-the-art tips today's tracks demand. Go from the first steps of setting up your studio, through recording your first tracks right up to mastering-release ready music. Home Studio Handbook Beginner and Expert have got the lot.

They're both available in print and digital editions now.

For print head here for the Beginner Edition and here for the Expert Edition.

And get BOTH for a bargain price here.

And for digital head to the Future Music app on the App Store here. You'll find both Beginner and Expert Editions waiting inside.