On the radar: Richa

Richa's excellent new EP, Inhale/Exhale, has passed all of our key tests, including both the intense 'public transport zone-out' and the punishing 'angsty post-pub singalong'.

The band now dwell in London and Brighton, but hail from mid-Wales and make music that could soundtrack the Black Mountains.

We detect hints of Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Jeff Buckley in frontman Gethyn Thomas' impassioned delivery.

We like things that are pure and have got depth to them and we go for things that are a bit darker

"Emotive music, I think that's what we go for," says Gethyn. "We like things that are pure and have got depth to them and we go for things that are a bit darker."

Reverb is Richa's best friend, while Gethyn and co-guitarist Toby are Fender devotees in both amp and guitar choices, using a Jazzmaster and Tele, respectively.

But along with the phenomenal riffs, sculpted dynamics and lush effects manipulation, there's a lot to like on the lyrical side, too.

"I'm really into multiple layers in a lyric," says Gethyn. "I like the idea that if a listener wants to delve more into it, they can - but they have to earn it."

Take Like Father Like Son for example, which combines layers of biblical metaphor, fictional characters and Gethyn's personal conflict with his farmer dad.

"In mid-Wales, it's just expected that the boys become farmers," explains Gethyn. "Fortunately, I'm not my dad's oldest son, but it's still been a rough ride!"

  • For fans of: Jeff Buckley, My Bloody Valentine
  • Hear: Like Father Like Son

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