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The world is not short on bands hoping to reanimate classic rock, but there are two reasons we're excited about British hard rockers Inglorious: they are Wil Taylor and Andreas Eriksson - two monster guitarists in one band.

"The idea originally was just to back [singer] Nath [James, ex-Trans-Siberian Orchestra]," explains Wil. "But once it came together we had all these shit-hot musicians and just realised that it needed to be a band."

We didn't set out to revive classic rock. These are just songs we all like playing!

Wil and Andreas' interplay will appeal to fans of Gibsons, Marshalls and fine millinery. Both take solos on the band's self-titled debut album, but while Wil tends to hold down the rhythm (eg the hip-shaking Until I Die riff), Andreas gets the November Rain-esque grandstanding opportunities.

The future?

"He's an insane guitarist," says Wil of his sparring partner. "We went through a few guys before Andreas, but they either couldn't keep up, or didn't fit in the social side. I've got a disgusting sense of humour, but fortunately so does he, so he fits in the band well!"

While Andreas keeps it traditional with a Les Paul and Marshall, Wil favours a 2014 Firebird - a nod to the band's modern take on the classics.

"In terms of classic rock revival, there's a lot of people saying things," surmises Wil. "Planet Rock are saying we're 'the future of rock 'n' roll' and all of that, but we didn't set out to revive classic rock. These are just songs we all like playing!"

  • For fans of: Guns N' Roses, Winery Dogs
  • Hear: Until I Die

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