On the radar: Audacity

Fullerton, CA's finest Audacity first caught TG's attention in 2009, with early thrasher Teenage Town. It was recorded while the band were still in school but, with a little help from the then burgeoning Burger Records, helped revitalise Southern California's punk scene.

I like Peavey amps and they're pretty indestructible, which comes in handy for me!

"We weren't thinking too much about the outcome," recalls guitarist Matt Schmalfeld of debut, Power Drowning. "We were just psyched to go to a studio when school got out and you can kind of hear it. There's a lot of excitement in there!"

While the band have since refined their dual-guitar blend of British punk and melodious slacker pop, they've kept that heart. Their Ty Segall-produced new album, Hyper Vessels, sounds like an exuberant musical face-plant on rock's great canvas.

Thick slice of Thin Lizzy

Co-guitarist Kyle Gibson analyses their approach thusly: "Matt has blonde hair and I have brown hair and Matt's the left-handed guitarist and I'm the right-handed guitarist, so we try to do some 'guitarmonies', a la Thin Lizzy!"

These are served-up piping hot via Matt's Gibson SG Special/ Peavey ValveKing combo and Kyle's Gibson Melody Maker and Music Man RD 100 - quite literally hot in Matt's case…

"I had a really nice Fender DeVille but it caught on fire and, then kind of took a shit for the last time," he laments. "But I like Peavey amps and they're pretty indestructible, which comes in handy for me!"

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